Choose us with confidence for the following reasons:

If cost of fees is important to you:

Like many top law firms, at Dobson & Partners we provide fast, quality advice.

However, unlike many other top law firms, our competitive edge is to charge lower fees that are more reasonable and affordable by comparison but without sacrificing quality or speed.

Indeed, we pride ourselves on:

     – having over 35 years of extensive experience with top international law firms
     – our superior negotiation and drafting skills
     – giving concise, practical, and comprehensive advice, and
     – our speed of service and fast turn around.

In short, we provide unbeatable value for money.

We always aim to agree fees to meet each client’s needs and budget.

Wherever feasible, we will agree to an initial free consultation and, instead of hourly rates, either :

     – a fixed fee, or
     – monthly retainer.

For our connections:

We are also well connected with leading banks, investment banks, auditors and tax advisors to recommend and connect you with when needed both within Thailand or elsewhere in ASEAN.